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Made with 100% pure therapeutic essential oils

We say NO to fillers and synthetic ingredients. When the ingredients are real, you use less product too!

Spa Ingredients

The Apothec Care Co. Mission

We believe in real. All of our products are curated with the highest quality natural ingredients.  ALL PRODUCTS MADE IN THE US AND PACKAGING ALWAYS SOURCED FROM US MANUFACTURERS. 


Mother Nature sourced




 The beauty industry is highly unregulated, full of false claims, buzz words such as eraser, green, miracle and everyone's fav "organic." Even so-called organic products are allowed contain a certain level of chemicals and most contain ingredients you can't even pronounce. So why would you put it on the largest organ of your body? At Apothec Care Co. we care, and we want to do our part to change this. We source truly natural ingredients that are not grown with chemicals, we will not ever use any synthetic ingredients, fragrance, preservatives or fillers. God gave us all the things we need in nature; we just mixed it up for you! 

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